Corporate philosophy of the Mainichi Newspapers Co.

Fundamental philosophy

The Mainichi Newspapers Co. values the dignity of each and every individual and interaction with them. The Company contributes to the creation of new eras through active engagements.

Based on this fundamental philosophy, the Mainichi Newspapers Co. conducts itself according to the following guidelines.

1. The Company provides high-quality, distinctive products for all including our readers as a corporation that creates public discussions, upholds journalism, provides information and promotes cultural activities.

2. The Company, along with its network of newspaper distributors, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, strives to strengthen the total performance of the Mainichi Group, and maintains a relationship of unwavering trust with its business partners, including advertisers.

3. The Company develops the capacities of its employees and enriches their lives while it strengthens its management foundation to live up to the expectations of its Shareholders.

4. The Company, through its each and every corporate activity, respects the human rights and privacy of all individuals, and refuses any discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, origin, thought, belief, faith, disability, sexual orientation or identification, among other factors.

Stipulated October 1991
Revised February 2018

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